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Delivering Positive Outcomes In Health And Sport

Recreational Sport

Insights for individual and team sports

Monitor performance improvement regimes

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Player Welfare.png

Player Welfare

Insights for player welfare

Monitor Recovery Protocols

Safety & Welfare

Provide insights into activity and

posture for the vulnerable


Provides real-time GPS location information

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Condition monitoring.png

Condition Monitoring

Insights into mobility

Builds a timeline of mobility

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Social Activity

For mature user, insights into activity

Monitor Fitness improvement regimes

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Elite level performance & welfare at a price point for everyone

Resource-intensive care problems in a resource constrained world

Image by Max Leveridge
Senior Physiotherapy

Cranial Analysis Platform


Containing pressure sensors for each brain node, networked together which measure force, acceleration and rotation.

The CAP monitors, detects and communicates significant knocks to the head through capturing the force, acceleration and rotation of the head during contact sports. 


Small sensors inside the CAP

Impact heat map

Independent validation of technology

Talks wirelessly to smartphone/tablet

Heat map Picture.png


Insoles featuring AI integration, with applications for Sport and Healthcare.

Instrumented insole for multi-sport data collection, developed from original PhysiGo British Athletics trial. Our Insoles record an individual’s walking pattern (Gait).


Pressure sensors



On board AI

Wireless data transfer

Wireless charging

Full day battery life

Insole photos.png

Activity & Remote Monitoring


ARM is worn by an individual and monitors activity and location

In a world where resources for the vulnerable and elderly are stretched, PhysiGo’s ARM steps in to deliver AI-powered activity monitoring. Providing care providers and guardians with insights that can be used to make future care decisions.




Embedded AI model

All day Battery

Wireless charging

Activity monitor.jpg


Recreational Sport

Safety & Welfare

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As A



Player Welfare

Condition Monitoring

Social Activity

Meet The Team

Great work requires great people, and we think ours are some of the best. Our team spirit, expertise and perspective helps us create solutions that go far beyond just a good idea.



Steve Newton

Exec and Non-Exec, startup to exit with significant sales and business development experience.

Jay Perrett.png


Dr Jay Perrett

Decorated for contributions to Physics. Serial entrepreneur in application of AI in the health, sport and telco markets.



Bhupendra Bhojak

Over 20 years experience in  software development in Physics and Space Research in the UK and India.


Ian West.jpg

Ian West


Data Scientist
UK Parliamentary AI group
UK GDPR Expert

Rory Underwood.jpg

Rory Underwood, MBE DL


Keynote Speaker

Strategic Consultant

Rugby International

Fighter Pilot

Ben Stone.jpg

Dr Ben Stone

Responsible for performance and rehabilitation of the Olympic track and field team.

Dr Harry Mee.png

Dr. Harry Mee, BMBS MRCP

Neuro rehabilitation consultant

Major brain trauma

Cranial interventions

Gait diagnostician

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