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Condition Monitoring

There are many conditions where walking patterns, also known as gait, can be indication of progression of the condition.

Our Solution

Our insoles contain a AI model that makes a digital twin of your gait, this digital enables us to provide insights unique to you.

With PhysiGo’s Insoles you can get the following benefits:


  • Objectively measure walking gait and provide insight to changes of condition. 

  • Carer can monitor and keep effective records for the person they support

  • Provide you with feedback on changes in condition as a result of treatment, exercises and medication

  • Provide real-time feedback physio interventions

  • Use across multiple conditions

  • Priced for a maximum inclusivity

PhysiGo Insole.jpg


Insoles featuring AI integration, with applications for Sport and Healthcare.

Instrumented insole for multi-sport data collection, developed from original PhysiGo British Athletics trial. Our Insoles record an individual’s walking pattern (Gait).


Pressure sensors



On board AI

Wireless data transfer

Wireless charging

Full day battery life

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