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Activity & Remote Monitoring (ARM)

ARM is worn by an individual and monitors

activity and location.

In a world where resources for the vulnerable and elderly are stretched, PhysiGo’s ARM steps in to deliver AI-powered activity monitoring. Providing care providers and guardians with insights that can be used to make future care decisions.

Activity monitor.jpg


Embedded AI model
All day Battery
Wireless charging


Monitoring activity levels 
Turning for those bed bound
Predictive fall detection

Web/Device App

Monitor in real time
Creates detailed records for post analysis
Mobile Phone/Web Browser
Monthly subscription

App Photo.png

Product Specifications

40mm x 45mm x 13mm
200g 9-axis accelerometer
24 hour battery life
Wireless charging
Wireless communication via GNS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
GPS for location tracking
PhysiGo’s unique AI embedded inside

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