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Partnering For Purpose

Welcome to our "Partnering for Purpose" page!

At PhysiGo we are passionate about using wearable technology to enhance sports performance and improve healthcare outcomes. We believe that partnerships are key to achieving our mission of using innovative technology to positively impact people's lives. Through collaborations with like-minded organizations, we are able to bring our cutting-edge products and solutions to a wider audience and make a greater impact. On this page, you will find information about our current partnerships and how you can join us in our mission. Thank you for your interest in partnering with us for purpose.

British Athletics

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‘Quantifying Movement, Optimising Performance’

In 2019 PhysiGo commenced working with the UK Olympics Track and Field team at the Seb Coe High Performance Athletics Centre (HiPAC) at Loughborough University in the UK. British Athletics were interested in using advanced analytics provided by PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC) to improve performance across the Olympic track and field disciplines. British Athletics runs an annual program called ‘The Futures Academy Programme’ which aims to confirm an athletes potential to transition on to the World Class Programme in the next cycle and support those who have highlighted the potential to win medals at future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

PhysiGo developed a bespoke solution through the creation of the Running Pod Elite to meet the needs of British Athletics through:

• Powerful AI enabled sensors to bring lab grade measurement to the field

• AI analysis of Strength and Conditioning (plyometrics)

Track and Field Runner

“We are very pleased to be working with PhysiGo, who share our vision for data-driven performance improvement. PhysiGo has shown a capability to combine product innovation and flexibility to meet the exacting standards of elite performance athletes.”

Tommy Yule, Head of Performance Support at British Athletics

PhysiGo are proud to have provided British Athletics, the training Team and their Athletes with a solution to assist in their preparations for the next Olympics!

Rugby Union Trials

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Alton RFC Trial AI Enabled Sportswear For Grassroots Rugby To Monitor Player Welfare And Performance

We are particularly excited about the use of AI to help us make better player welfare decisions.

PhysiGo have developed an instrumented headguard that uses advanced AI and a scrum CAP (Cranial Analysis Platform) enabled with sensors. In addition to measuring the impact and rotation of the head in real-time to assist with HIA triggers and concussion, it also determines the point of impact on the head.

Alton RFC are trialling the instrumented PhysiGo’s scrum CAP that measures concussive and rotational forces to the head, and instrumented boot insoles to measure performance.

Rugby CAP Trial

‘Much of the focus has been on elite sportsmen. Our aim is to provide elite level equipment, at an affordable price at all levels, to provide insights to brain health to reassure players, parents, and coaches. We also aim to provide performance insights for players and coaches to improve in-game performance,’ says Steve Newton, PhysiGo Chairman.

PhysiGo’s Scrum CAP has been previously trialled in school games at Downlands College, Australia with ex-wallaby Garrick Morgan (Coach), and that experience has led to a number of enhancements to the solution as well as providing valuable insights to impacts in the game to improve training.

‘We are particularly excited about the use of AI to help us see the key information in the mass of data collected and to therefore make better player welfare decisions’, says Steve Jenkins.

PhysiGo uses AI within the equipment to ‘translate’ data from accelerometer and pressure monitors to model brain impacts and rotation. The same techniques are also used to model and derive rugby performances characteristics, such as physicality, rugby motions as well as team strategic play. PhysiGo’s first customer, British Athletics, used similar AI enabled technology to assist in the performance of track and field elite athletes.

PhysiGo’s aim is to provide the ‘gold standard’ of measurement of player welfare and performance bringing this kind of technology to the community game and at a price point that is inclusive to all. Validation on the accuracy of data collection has been achieved with ‘crash dummy’ tests at a leading British University.

‘We will be using Genetic Algorithms to correlate the impact data with performance data to provide a ‘trigger’ to pitch-side parents or coaches indicating if a medical intervention is required as is currently done in Elite games by a team of experts. All output is provided via a parent or team application on a standard smart phone’ says Matt Baker, COO, PhysiGo.

‘We are delighted to be working with PhysiGo to trial their technology at grassroots rugby club level. This technology can deliver major enhancements to our, and other grassroots clubs, work keeping our players healthy, and game ready. Alton Rugby Football Club (Alton RFC) has always made player welfare the main priority for all our 550 players who span Age Grade (boys and girls, 6-18 years), Senior men and Senior ladies. PhysiGo’s focus on a solution for grassroots clubs means that our work with them will help to deliver a solution that will be appropriate and affordable for players and clubs like ours.’
Steve Jenkins, Director of Rugby, Alton RFC

PhysiGo are working with World Rugby to participate in an Innovation Trial later this year to ensure that the CAP solution is certified for broader use.

Safety & Welfare

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Cambridge University Hospital

Cambridge University Hospital Trust’s  (CUH) current  trial of a wearable device with PhysiGo AI model, monitors the mobility and posture of vulnerable patients for a positive rehabilitation. Solution will ensure consistent monitoring of such individuals in a hospital setting – providing invaluable insights not currently collected.

Condition Monitoring

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Parkinson Gait Monitoring

This current trial out in the community is providing affordable solutions for gait analysis in Parkinson’s diseases, Delivering a quantitative measure of Parkinson’s symptoms to be able to look for symptom onset, degeneration or change due to a medical intervention of some sort. Also, to providing data for lifestyle and symptom correlation with a digital twin of the wearer.

Social Activity

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Coming Soon...

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