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Recreational Sport

Effective performance and welfare insights in sport have historically only been available in elite level sport.


PhysiGo's Instrumented insole will provide insights into performance and welfare across multiple sports, providing solutions for the individual, grassroots & community sports, and for the elite.

Our Solution

Our Insoles uses technology developed with British Athletic Olympic Team.

Our unique AI algorithms allow us to gather details on how you move, recover, and perform efficiently within any sport.


Wearing PhysiGo’s Insoles while performing sport will provide you with the following:


  • Objectively measure fitness provide insight to improvements running form

  • Provide Sport specific feedback

           - Positional aspects of fitness 

           - Real-time in-game performance/fatigue

  • Monitor performance improvement regimes

           - Time-based, team based, community based 

  • Monitor return to play protocols following injuries  

  • Provide objective insights into recovery

  • Ability to use across multiple sports

  • Priced for a grass-root community

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Insoles featuring AI integration, with applications for Sport and Healthcare.

Instrumented insole for multi-sport data collection, developed from original PhysiGo British Athletics trial. Our Insoles record an individual’s walking pattern (Gait).


Pressure sensors



On board AI

Wireless data transfer

Wireless charging

Full day battery life

Insole photos.png
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