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Insoles featuring AI integration, with applications

for Sport and Healthcare.

Instrumented insole for multi-sport data collection, developed from original PhysiGo British Athletics trial.

Our Insoles record an individual’s walking pattern (Gait).

Insole photos.png


Pressure sensors
On board AI
Wireless data transfer
Wireless charging
Full day battery life


Conditions where Gait is an indicator

of disorders progression 
Injury recovery
Predictive fall detection 

Web/Device App

Monitor in real time
Time based analysis
Cloud based data repository 
Creates detailed records for post analysis
Monthly subscription

App Photo.png

Player and/or coach 
Real-time analysis of individual and/or team
Tracking of performance:
- Gains against peers
- Into the community game

Cloud Based Portal

Product Specifications

Small, medium and large sizes available
Multiple pressure points on each foot
200g 9-axis accelerometer
24 hour battery life
Wireless charging
Wireless communication via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
GPS for location tracking
PhysiGo’s unique AI embedded inside

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