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Safety & Welfare

The inability to monitor activity levels and provide one to one care in hospital and care homes due to resource restraints have caused all kinds of issues for the health and care providers.

Our Solution

Embedded inside ARM is our unique AI that creates a digital twin, this allows for personal insights and recommendations.

By using PhysiGo’s Activity Remote Monitoring (ARM) individual, health and care providers can start addressing these resource intensive issues.


  • Carer can monitor activity levels and keep effective records for the person they support

  • Can provide with details on location and feed that back to a guardian or carer company

  • Provide real-time feedback physio interventions

  • Practitioner productivity and effectiveness by monitoring and adjust care plans remotely 

  • Use across multiple conditions

  • Priced for a maximum inclusivity


Activity & Remote Monitoring


ARM is worn by an individual and monitors activity and location

In a world where resources for the vulnerable and elderly are stretched, PhysiGo’s ARM steps in to deliver AI-powered activity monitoring. Providing care providers and guardians with insights that can be used to make future care decisions.




Embedded AI model

All day Battery

Wireless charging

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