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Player Welfare

NHS estimates that concussion and related conditions in sport costs them $200m annually* and $1.2b worldwide.

Currently, a Scrum Cap will provide some protection from injury but does not mitigate concussive and cumulative sub-concussive impacts. Given the full contact nature of Rugby (League/Union) and AFL, it is hard to get quantitative data in game on the nature of such impacts other than by video analysis. Head trauma also does not always result from a direct impact but from other incidents including (for example) rapid rotation from a waist high tackle, which can also cause the brain to impact the inside of the skull and then rotate and rebound. 

Insights into Head injury in sport are currently only available in elite level sport. PhysiGo’s Instrumented Cranial Analysis Platform (CAP) will be priced for the individual and community game.

The best way to reduce head injuries is not just through protective wearables which indeed may provide a false sense of security, but through education and training. It’s well known that players have a favourite way to go into a tackle, irrespective of the direction of motion of the tackler and person being tackled. The CAP can be used to help quantify and visualize head impacts through our ability to transmit exactly where the knock occurred and at what force, as shown below; 

Our Solution

We have developed headgear, called the PhysiGo CAP embedded with sensors to provide the following:​

  • The ability to immediately and accurately measure the exact force sustained to the head during a game or training;​

  • The ability to immediately and accurately measure the rotation of the head during impact which, together with the force score, could be used to establish a need for closer inspection of the player;​

  • The ability to monitor baseline movement divergence after impact to identify possible disorientation or fatigue.​


Cranial Analysis Platform


Containing pressure sensors for each brain node, networked together which measure force, acceleration and rotation.

The CAP monitors, detects and communicates significant knocks to the head through capturing the force, acceleration and rotation of the head during contact sports. 


Small sensors inside the CAP

Impact heat map

Independent validation of technology

Talks wirelessly to smartphone/tablet

Heat map Picture.png
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