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Protect your head and play with confidence: Introducing the revolutionary rugby cap that monitors head impacts in real-time

Protection for all

"As a parent, nothing is more important than your child's safety on the rugby field. Keep them protected with the latest technology - this rugby cap monitors head impacts and gives me peace of mind!" - Parent of trial participant 

Containing pressure sensors for each brain node, networked together which measure force, acceleration and rotation.


The CAP monitors, detects and communicates significant knocks to the head through capturing

the force, acceleration and rotation of the head during contact sports. 

Heat map Picture.png


Small sensors inside the CAP

Impact heat map

Independent validation of technology

Talks wirelessly to smartphone/tablet



Force of impact

Location of impact

Rotation of the head

CAP web app.png


AI corelating impacts with

in-game cognitive data

HIA Trigger (TBD)

Rugby CAP Trial


Rugby trials at Downloads College, Alton RFU

WR Innovation Trial (Pending) with  Essex University and Colchestor RFU

Product Specifications

Multiple sensors positioned around the head

Sizing - Small, Medium, Large,  Extra Large

Three-hour battery life, rechargeable

Wireless communication via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Realtime and post-game training analysis

PhysiGo’s unique AI embedded inside

World Rugby Approval (Pending)

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